A Different America

By Ron


Long ago, and far away ... It was the late 1940s. America thought it was through
with war, "rationing" was to be a word from the past, and the depression was over.
The future was bright for America and Americans. So we thought. Our hero troops
were welcomed home with praises instead of demonstrations and none were spit on
or had either rocks or bottles thrown at them. We were free, and assumed we always
would be.


In fact, there was a new invention that promised to change our lives - television.
(It did.) Those that had one might get up to three stations if the rabbit ear
antenna was positioned just right. The small picture was black and white, there
was more snow on the screen than outside, there was one speaker on one side as we
had not heard of stereo yet. But now there was something to watch beside listening
to the radio. Someday we all hoped to have one. The entire family could watch
every program that was on. The news was news - not political commentary and


People had jobs, families, and most had their own home sweet home regardless of
how small it might be. People were basically happy. We had not heard of road rage,
drive by shootings, flash mobs, or even black Friday sales. The only guards were
with armored trucks or maybe one might be at a big bank. Now there is one even at
the dollar store.  Strangers seemed kinder back then. We learned to take turns
instead of push our way around.


It was a big thrill to go downtown and see the animated displays in the department
store windows after thanksgiving, and to drive through the better areas of town to
see houses with Christmas lights. No one had thought about calling Christmas
anything but Christmas then. "Merry Christmas" was the politically and socially
accepted phrase. There was no "winter holiday" or "holiday sales". Schools had
Christmas plays, sang Christmas carols, and we had "Christmas vacation.

But, all too soon, there was another war. Then another one. Another American
president was shot an killed. Not in a dark theater, but in public, in broad
daylight and on television.


War brought division, and while there were no ration stamps this time around, there
was gas rationing and long lines at the pumps. Prices started getting higher along
tax rates.


Warnings about what could happen to our country were brushed off and not heeded.
Wisdom and signs of things to come were ignored. People did not actually believe
that a lie was true yet, but they started to wonder if it might be.


Slowly the lines between right and wrong were blurred. Where once things like
socialism and communism were completely rejected, small doses began to be accepted.
After all, we were told it was for the common good and would never go any further.

Education, laws, and law enforcement were local issues. Eventually laws about our
cars, education, housing, employment, and now medical care became the concern of
the federal government. Everyone wanted the "free" federal money for schools, roads,
etc. and ignored the warning that control would come.


People may still own their own home, but may not even be "allowed" to plant a garden
or collect rain water to water their flowers. Most of what has to be done to your
home requires a "permit" from a government agency.


More and more, children are under government control. What vaccines they get, when
they have medical and dental check ups are mandated by school districts under
federal guidelines. Parents may not be notified in advance of school health exams.
Even their thinking is coming under question with more invasive questionnaires asking
their thoughts on marriage, sexuality, the government, UN, etc. In some schools the
kids do not know who may show up in the restroom or locker room.


Years ago we heard reports from Russia, China, and North Korea that people were being
watched; that Christians often had to meet secretly; or that their phones might be
tapped. We never believed that one day in the land of freedom that so many sacrificed
so much to be able to come here, we would be tracked by cameras, gps systems, and that
our purchases, phone calls, e-mails, and texts would be monitored or that all our mail
would be photographed. We did not wonder what was being sprayed on us in the sky or
what was really in our food and water.


Today we live in a different America than in the past.


Day by Day time has slipped away. Now it seems that almost day by day the freedoms
we once enjoyed have slipped away too. We were not invaded by a foreign army that
took away our freedoms. We did this to our own country. We voted too often for money
issues instead of Biblical principles.


The cry has changed from "give me liberty" to "give me benefits!" "I want help with
housing, utilities, some food stamps, and a free cell phone. Give my kids free
education, breakfast, lunch, and before and after school daycare - and I don't care
what they are taught or who does it. Tell me I am safe and I'll do whatever you
want me to at the airport."


I know they are making fun of me when people say "you old fashioned conservative
Christians can't go back to your good old days." I am well aware that 1 1/2 % income
tax, three cents tax on a gallon of gas, and 1/2 percent sales tax are gone forever.
We lock our doors on our home as well as our car even while driving.


I have studied the Bible, so I also know that things are going to keep getting
worse. The Bible says they will and the Bible has always been one hundred percent
correct. Persecution around the world is quickly expanding while most of the churches
here in America preach prosperity and tolerance except for Bible believing Christians.


We hear so much about being prepared for job loss, financial downfalls, disasters,
martial law, etc. The only way to be truly secure is to believe in Jesus Christ and be
born again.