A Parent's Wish

By Ron


For some of us most of our life is in the rear view mirror. We have more memories than plans and dreams for the future. Some still say, "Oh, you are only middle aged."  They fall
silent when I ask them how many 137 year-olds they know.
Someone shared this with me on the internet, and with Grandparent's Day coming up, I think it is worth passing on as something to think about for those whose parents are not as able to keep up as they once were.
A Parent’s Wish
When you see us old, and weary, and weak,
Please have patience with us, and try to understand.
We weren’t always this way – and we’d rather not be this way, now.
We would like to look (and feel) as we once did.
Remember, when you gaze upon us
That as you are now, so we once were.
And as we are now, so you shall be…
And if, when we speak to you, we repeat the same things over and over and over again
Please don’t interrupt us. Be kind.
And remember that, when you were small, we heard you repeat yourself many, many times.
And we often – at your request - read to you the same story (time and again) until you fell asleep.
So, listen to us now, as we listened to you, then.

And if we get dirty when eating, or have trouble dressing ourselves
Please don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed for us.
Instead, bear with us. Help us.
And remember the countless times we spent feeding and dressing you.
You learned those skills from us – so help us with those skills, now.
And when you see our ignorance regarding new concepts or technologies
Please do not mock us.
Help us navigate our way through these things.
And remember that the world – and everything in it – was once completely foreign to you.
We helped you find your way.
Help us find ours.
Some day you’ll realize that, despite our mistakes, we raised you to the best of our ability.
We always wanted the best for you.
Please want the best for us.
And remember that age is not just lived – but survived.
Help us survive the rest of our days on this earth with dignity and love.
And pray that, one day, your child will do the same for you.