Be Prepared

Bob Potter


Genesis 41:25-30

Seven years of Feast, seven years of Famine, seven years of Tribulation.  God has warned us about what is coming.  The Mark of the Beast (666) without this mark you “cannot” buy or sell anything.  This means food, clothes fuel, tools, water, shelter, etc.  Your money, if you have any, will be worthless. 

I do not claim to know the day or hour or even the means by which this will play out, but I do know that I will not receive Satan’s Mark.  That being said, unless God sends manna down from Heaven and I know of no such promise in Revelation, I had better heed God’s warning  and prepare.  If you have lot of money you can buy what you’ll need to see yourself through the 3½ years of the Mark.  However, unless you’re Bill Gates, I doubt you have enough to take care of everyone who will come to your door.  What do you say to the child in need of food?  Go away I’m only feeding my family.  For most of us we don’t have Bill Gates’ billions.  Even today in 2012 most people in the world don’t have a Walmart open 24/7.  How did your family survive in 1850?  No electricity, no refrigeration, no running water in the house.  OK, I know all of this can get scary. Most of us were not raised on the farm or even had a garden  Now is the time to learn.  Lucky for you we have the internet and lots of books on the subject, but you need to start now.  There are lots of companies out there that will sell you all kinds of food and supplies, but for a pretty penny. What you get will depend on your budget.  Not being rich myself I’ve had to approach this from a poor man’s point of view.  I can’t buy 3½ years worth, so I will buy one years worth and plan to grow and raise the rest.  Also get with your neighbors, friends, family, church members, as a small group will do better than one man.  Life is better in the country as you can’t raise a cow on concrete.  Most caned food will last up to three years if kept from extreme heat and cold.  Dried beans will keep well also.  Rice is great and it is cheap, it keeps well and millions of people survive on it.  All of your grains – corn, wheat, rice, barley, and beans - all types, not just pinto, should be frozen for at least 30 days before storage. Doing so will kill the insects and their eggs, then store in air tight containers in a cool, dark place.  Corn and wheat can be purchased at you local feed store far cheaper than at Walmart.  You will however have to grind it yourself.  There are many grinders available today, but Indians did it with rocks.

Comfort food is important.  Remember you won’t have the same life style.  No AC, no TV, so a slice of cake will still put a smile on your face.  You can’t grow much of what you’re used to having, so stock up while you can.  Sugar, salt, spices, cooking oil, shortening, baking powder, baking soda, yeast.  Canning supplies are a must – quart jars are re-useable, but you’ll need extra lids.  Garage sales are a great place to buy jars.  I’ve even cleaned out old cellars just for the jars.  Not only do you get the jars, but the old stuff in them can go in the compost pile.  Wood burning stove or campfires – you’ll need some way of cooking and heating.  Propane will last a long time if you only use it for cooking.  Water, even dirty can be used for drinking if you boil it first.  Think about filters and 12 volt pumps.  RV dealers sell 12 volt pumps.  Filters can be home-made using PVC pipe and sand.  This style will not filter out bacteria, but will at least make it clear and taste better, boiling will do the rest.  12 Volt Electricity is something you can make.  Cars have 12 volt systems.  Alternators can be wind powered to recharge batteries.  Also farm supply stores sell 12 volt solar chargers.  If you can’t do without electricity completely you can buy power inverters that will change 12 volts into 120 volts.  This is the same type you have in your home today.. This would allow you to run a small refrigerator or a few lights depending on how many batteries you have.  Or you could have a large diesel generator, but remember you’ll need fuel for it, and 3 ½ years is a long time.

Animals  - cows, goats, chickens are good to have.  Cows and goats will give you milk, butter, cheese; chickens supply eggs.  Chickens are the easiest to take care of as they need little space, given enough space they will feed themselves.  They will however need shelter or the owls, raccoons, opossums, snakes, coyotes, foxes, weasels, will have your chickens.  I prefer cows over goats because they give more and better cream.  Goats however need less space than cows.  Both will need some shelter. 

Medical supplies are a must for you and your animals.  Your farm supply store will have what you need – just ask.  Antibacterial ointment can save your life.  Penicillin can save your life or your cow.  Band aids are expensive, but a piece of cloth and some electric tape do the same thing.

Extra clothes , blankets,  and boots (used will work) are needed.  Garage sales, second hand stores are good places to get these items.  Everything does not need to be built from new materials – used lumber and tin will work just fine. Even used bent nails are better than none.  Hand powered tools are important – the more the better.  Remember even if you don’t know how to do something someone else will, if you have something to do it with.  Speaking of something to do – you might think about toilet paper.  Sanitation is very important.  Bleach will help with this.  However, long term it should be stored in glass as the plastic jugs will break down after a year or so.  You can make your own lye soap, but if you can buying it is a lot easier.  Food storage and preservation is the difference between eating during the winter months or not – smoking, drying, canning, pickling – learn all you can.

The garden is where God put us and it is important still today.  But to tend a garden you’ll have to have tools – shovels, picks, rakes, hoes, buckets, baskets, axes,  hammers, nails, string, trowels – you never have too many.  Don’t forget these  “Peanuts” – can’t say enough about them.  Easy to grow, lots of protein, fat, and oil, and they put nitrogen back into the soil.  Bees are a plus.  Honey and wax and a means to pollinate your garden. 

Remember, waste not, want not.  Make hay while the sun shines.

Everything you need to know is out there – books, books, books, will teach you how.  The Bible shows us why. – Hosea 4:6


Ask and you shall receive – Matthew 24:22


Bob Potter