Be Still and Hear What I Believe I Have Heard From The Lord, Be Still and Listen!

By Leonard the least


Your sins, your sins, have sicken Me, hurt Me, and angered Me; they have reached the dwelling places of the most High and they have sealed your doom.  Cry aloud, cry aloud, but your cries will not be heard for the resounding echoes of your blasphemies have drowned them out. You have put your demented sword to the throats of two of my cherished children and have attempted to behead them. The family and the church have been the two institutions you have tried to destroy. Through your perversions, and other detestable tactics you have waged war on two of my precious children. Oh evil one, when you wage war with My children, you have waged with Me, and you oh evil speck of dung are no match for Me - there is no comparison. But If only you would stop your relentless assaults on my children and repent, I will forgive you.  But you will not. You are driven like the wild fires of the hot dry parched grasslands leaving death and destruction in your wake. Your sins, your sins, fuel the fire that drives you on! Cry aloud, cry aloud, but I will not hear. The coup you are attempting will be answered by My own coup de grace that will destroy you. The detestable changes you have made, the disfigurements you have afflicted of My precious ones have been allowed by Me and Me alone, and in time they will be restored.  I am using you as a refining fire oh evil speck of dung.  As time draws to a close, time as you know it, the Church, the true Church,  will emerge with her beauty, her strength, and her splendor, and nothing you or anyone can do will damage her in any way - it will be the true Church, My Church,  that will be the vanguard of the Army of the Lord. And you oh speck of dung, as My children get their own houses in order, know that the family will stand against you and your evil tactics and they will be victorious. You will be defeated as eternity nears. It will be you who will cry out, but your cries will be too late and you will forever wail in your agony!

Note from Leonard:

I believe we will soon hear from God as the people being destroyed in the great flood of Noah’s day or the ones being consumed by fire and brimstone in the day of Lot. I hope people will hear what the Spirit is saying, it is loud and clear. Repent!!!