Dear Phil Dirt

By Molly Riddle


I read your article posted on “A Trumpet in the Wilderness” web page and since I do not know how to contact you, I am writing my own article in hopes you will read it.

First you are right! Churches and Christians have a long way to go, especially me. You said in your article entitled: “Some Thoughts From Dirt” and I quote:

 “But I see them. I have seen them for years. I watch them poison their bodies with junk food. I watch them poison this earth which I now believe that God probably did create. They suck up all kinds of poisons in their bodies then pour all kind of poisons into this wonderful earth.

They buy expensive cars and wear expensive clothes. They are always on the go. They are in such a rush. They fill their lives with more and more things. They have their parties, although no one gets drunk, hell they don’t drink but they sure can or eat a lot!!!

I drive through the country side I see more and more gas wells. I watch waste from factories and chemical plants spilling their toxins into a God-created earth. Large farms with their strong fertilizers destroy anything living in the earth. Many do this in their back yard gardens. Just to close things out. I wonder how many hours the so called Christian watches TV? I do not own one.”


Yes you’re right Mr. Dirt, you really are. I have been around for almost eighty-three years and I was organic long before I knew what the word meant. But Christians are a work in progress. No doubt you have some insight about the environment that many do not have.

There are a lot of people spreading poison through use of all kinds of harmful chemicals that help to pollute our earth that God created.   While some do it with toxins, others do it with their tongues. The little adage I  know, and no doubt you had learned as a child: “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” is far from true, it’s an out right lie.  Words do hurt Mr. Dirt as you like to call yourself. I have seen all kinds of sin in the church and it saddens me. But what I have learned Mr. Dirt is to gently correct people in love. This is why I am writing you. While you speak the truth, perhaps you should think how you say things. It sounds like you have been hurt by people in the church and so you are lashing back. Have you been hurt? If you have, I understand; I have been hurt too. I am an old lady now but when I was young I committed sins and  made some bad mistakes that I rather not write about and back then when you made the kind of mistakes and sins  I did you really were an outcast. But there were some who loved me and helped me get back on my feet. I don’t know you Mr. Dirt, but I love you and I pray you will experience God’s love as you never have before. By the way a man by the name of Ron has an article you might want to look at about love. I just read it; it’s on the same website you have your article on.

Mr. Dirt, I am thankful you take care of your body; by the way I walked three miles this morning as I do almost every morning,  and I have never owned a television set!  God bless you young man.


In Christ,