Eternal Life In Spite of Death

By Ron

Hours seemed like eternity for Darrell Scott that afternoon of a spring day on April 20, 1999.  The day had been normal until news reached him of the shooting at Columbine High School near Denver, Colorado.  All parents of the teens in that school were kept away as was the public since it was not a crime scene.  He, along with other parents, waited at another school designated for them to pick up their teens who were being bussed from Columbine high School where the tragic shootings had taken place at lunch time. 

Information about those hospitalized was slow in coming.  The last list of those hospitalized was posted.  Rachael's name was not on it.  Busses came and students rushed off into the arms of their waiting parents.  The number of patents left kept getting smaller.  Finally the announcement was nade that the last bus of survivors was on it's way.  The parents left all rushed to the bus when it approached stretching to see a familiar loved face through a window.  This was the last bus.  There were no more survivors or hospitalized.  Darrell was one of the parents left looking at an empty bus without holding his beloved Rachel.  At that moment, without a word from anyone, he knew that Rachel was with Jesus.  Tachel was one of the thirteen that would be a number on the news later that evening.

At such a moment most of us believers would be so overtaken with grief that we would not be thinking of ways in which God might work that loss and sorrow for good and His glory.  Yet, as Darrell travels and speaks to multiplied thousands of youth sharing Rachael's love for God and braveness to claim Him as her Lord and Savior even when a gun pointed at her.  Because of her faith, way of life, and death, millions of other youth have chosen to believe in Him too and receive eternal life through Him.