Final Days of "Freedom"



      I posted the Trumpet Blast over a year ago entitled “Parousiamania by DÜRL”. “Parousiamania” can be defined as a pre-occupation with the return of Jesus; DÜRL is my art name (I am a visual artist.)

      I have wanted to write another post, but writing has not been easy for me this past year. But, after re-reading my first post, I see that I must continue. With this new post, I am screaming for everyone to be ready, to focus solely on Jesus. Please heed the warnings of the Watchmen of these final hours!

      Thankfully, America has not yet been totally destroyed. As I write this, “WW3” seems to be lurking ever closer. We are already surrounded and infiltrated by Muslims, the United Nations, Chinese and Russian troops, and any number of people working for satan. They control the U.S. government and the globalist “shadow governments”. The one-world systems of the Beast (satanic religion, economy, “New World Order”, etc.) and the “Great Deception/ Strong Delusion” are quickly overtaking every spot on earth. The “Disclosure Project”, the Vatican, and global media are preparing humans to embrace “aliens” (demonic creatures) as our creators and saviors.

      Today is the day of our salvation; today, we must love one another and thoroughly study the Bible before the darkness ruins everything. We are so very painfully close to global tribulation.

      I still feel the current U.S. president is the “man of sin”, although he has not yet been fully revealed. I believe he is the first beast of Revelation 13 because he is the spokesman for global Babylon, the Roman empire 2014. His actions speak for themselves. There are many other Watchmen who also believe he is the son of perdition, the little horn, the antichrist, etc.

       There is also overwhelming evidence the current pope is the second Beast of Revelation 13, the false prophet. Like the first Beast, this pope’s actions are a witness to his character. The apostasy/ falling away warned about in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 is a constant reality. Any “christians”, any churches, and, especially, any non-believers that align themselves with the Roman Vatican Beast system are in extreme danger of going to the Lake of Fire. This most definitely includes Easter, Christmas, and the false sabbath of Sunday worship.

      There is still a short time for all of us to repent, to stay far-removed from the satanic “one-world” religion. There is so much deception right now- we must continually plead with the Lord for discernment and wisdom. The words I am typing are not new; we have been warned for centuries. World and local events are happening so rapidly; Bible prophecies are being fulfilled every hour. We still have this short time to strengthen our focus on Jesus, to worship God in Spirit and Truth, to avoid the tricks of our flesh (our so-called “5 senses”), and to love everyone as Yeshua loves us.

       The horrible tribulations are upon us; we will be persecuted. True Christians are being tortured and killed around the globe more than ever before. We will each suffer in our own unique ways, and evil will exponentially increase. The Days of Lot and Noah are here. We must study and understand the Word, before all the Bibles disappear.

      Romans 8:28 shows us that He loves us and has control over everything that happens to us. When we truly love Him, He will work out ALL THINGS for our good. Love God! It may be hard to see how He works out everything for our best, especially when the darkest days of satan begin to crush us. Cling to Him! Eternal joy is so very close for us all. Love one another! Do not be afraid!

       There are so many things I would love to write about, but it is already written. Too many books, magazines, “Bible studies”, and internet materials have already been promulgated. Too many people have made commerce of God’s freely given Word. Many have been profiting during these last days, sometimes using people’s fears and confusion to “prepare” (preppers, etc.) Pray that our Lord will keep us awake and aware, so we are not among those who turn away. The night season is so close- we have to do our best job to be light, by His Holy Spirit, to stay in Him only. Deception and violence are the weapons of our enemy, the dragon; we must continually study and emulate our Example, Jesus. Please, as His witnesses, do not be tricked; do your best to act like Him. We are being watched by many--humans and other beings.

      Again, there will be no rapture before the antichrist totally takes power, but there may very well be a faked rapture. The worst things that have ever happened to humanity and the world are in our midst. We have been going through the birth pains, the time of sorrows, for a while. Eternal life is so close! I look forward to meeting all of you when the Lord returns. Be there, please! Peace and love to everyone Yeshua ha Mashiach, Jesus the Messiah.