Happy Birthday America

By Ron


The older we get and birthday after birthday have come and gone, there is a
question in the back of our mind of how many more such celebrations we will
enjoy. Life expectancy is more than how many candles are on a cake. It
involves how sound of body, mind, and spirit a person is. The same applies to
our country. We realize that America has not always existed. We know that it
was a nation like no other in the history of mankind. Each child grows up
unique from all others. So does each nation. We tend to think we will continue
to be around in the future, and we cannot imagine any force destroying America.
But just as people come and go throughout history, so do nations.


When a patriotic American steps into the Assembly Room in Philadelphia's
Independence Hall where the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration
of Independence a sense of awe overtakes them. It is almost hard to imagine
what happened in that room over two hundred and thirty years ago. We think of
the people who were there and though we never met them, how their decisions
have affected our own lives. They were not perfect - they were human.
Regardless of each person's personal relationship was with God, He worked
through them in that room to form a unique new country. They would be shocked
at how politicians and judges interpret the constitution today.


Would the recognize America as it is today? It is not just the traffic in the
street outside, the jets flying overhead, the presence of a press core, or the
ringing of cell phones that would be different. They did not speak of America
as a democracy, but a republic. They did not think in terms of executive orders,
or nonelected judges overturning the will of a vote of the people. The public
burning of our flag would not have been tolerated then as it is today. To them,
freedom was not the opportunity to do whatever you wanted to, but to be able
to do what was right to do.


They would never have thought of seeking international permission to wage war
against England. They did not envision America being bound by the laws or
trade agreements of the United Nations. They did not plan for a world court,
world health organization, international banking organization, or our military
serving under UN command and rules. They read and prayed over what was being
passed and expected future legislatures would as well.


They did not envision rigged elections, all media controlled by a few, cameras
and drones spying on citizens, or government officials who would be above the
law. Their emphasis was on FREEDOM! Freedom of thought where taking a stand
against popular opinion was not illegal. Freedom of speech instead of the
government deciding what can be said in public or written on the internet.
Freedom of religion where sin could be called sin regardless of what is legal
according to the government. Freedom to own a gun was a right with no
consideration of a psychological evaluation necessary for government approval.
They thought only of children as belonging to a mother and a father, not
parent A and parent B.


They did not plan for a giant government with millions of people on the
payroll. They realized the dangers of over taxation. They did not envision
both houses of congress being increasingly irrelevant as positions of czars
would be created by a president resembling a dictator in many ways. They
never expected a president to declare we are not a Christian nation. Or that
America would become a surveillance state where citizens are considered suspects.

Because they realized that all men are by nature evil and seek control, they
formed a new government with specific checks and balances to insure that
freedom and liberty would prevail.


They did not envision schools teaching what they teach today let alone cross-
dressing days.


We all change as we get older. America has changed in so many ways that it is
doubtful our founding fathers would recognize our government today as the same
one they had a part in creating. How did a Christian nation turn into what we
have today?


Happy Birthday America ! Looking at your soundness, I question how many more
birthdays you will have.