I Am Not An Alarmist, But .....

By Roy Little


I am not an alarmist, but in all my years of walking with the Lord I have never sensed the urgency for action by Christians as now. There is an evil making its presence throughout this country as well as the rest of the world, but in this writing I will only address the evil in this country. 

Before I go on, I wish to reiterate that I am not an alarmist. There are those well intended individuals like Harold Camping who had his May 21st prediction that the rapture would occur. Many in the Church proclaim ďa Word from the LordĒ and too often they contradict one another. There are many Churches that are fuelled by emotions and hype. Itís entertainment live from nine till noon. Let me assure you I am not from that camp. Yet, I believe strongly in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not an entertainer, but one who convicts and gives us strength and guidance. I will say more about the Church at the close of this article.

While I wrote that I was not an alarmist I am fast becoming one. I have begun to sound an alarm that this country has embraced and committed too many sins. The stench has reached heaven and there is a Holy God who is about to say ENOUGH!!!

There is indeed a strong presence of evil and this alarms me greatly. This evil has covered our land and as a consequence we are about to experience His judgment. I think there are several sources that are spreading this evil. One source is coming out of Washington. It saddens me that the man that we address as President is possibly near or at the forefront. While he will say, when asked in a news conference, that he is a Christian, some will strongly question that. There are in my opinion some ďtell taleĒ signs of oneís spiritual condition in todayís society.  I have my own litmus when it comes to politicians. One is their views on homosexuality, another is their views on abortion, and still another is their views on the Nation of Israel. I do not know if Obama is a Christian but he does strike out on my litmus test.  I pray if he is not a Christian he will soon become one.

But itís not only Obama, who spreads evil; itís Congress, the House, and the Senate. Unbridled sin has not only made its presence in these government agencies, but have made itself at home in every hallway, and every office in every government building in Washington. There is not regard or respect for God; there is seldom an acknowledgement of Him or even His presence.  Too many of our elected officialsí sins have been paraded all over the press and are the subject of talk shows and what is so sad Ė is that there is no remorse! Some seem to wear there sins as a badge of performance. They indeed have forgotten how to blush!

Entertainment is also spreading its evil at an accelerated speed. We have put out a welcome mat in our living rooms to the grossest form of so-called entertainment. Through television we, the American family, have provided a place for Hollywood to spread its immorality in our very homes. Itís no longer dinner around the table, itís dinner around a one-eyed perverted monster.   Children have watched shows within the walls of their very homes that I was never introduced to, even as a young adult. Parents need to fall on their faces and repent for allowing such filth in their homes. Perhaps they should ditch the TV forever!

More porn is produced and sold in the United States than any place in the world. We are addicted and I am not just talking about the non-Christians; I am talking about professing Christians, including Ministers.

Yet, perhaps at the front of the line, spreading this evil, is the Church. It should be the Church that is on the vanguard of the army of the Lord to fight evil from every side, but the Church has had either a lackadaisical attitude toward sin or worse has helped to promote sin either by refusing to speak out against sin or openly embracing it. It saddens me; no, it devastates me to see the Church not only fail to speak out against sin but openly support it. When mainline Churches condone and embrace homosexuality we have crossed over the line of no return! If the Church does not take a stand and take it very soon I believe this country is history. We have long stopped speaking out against divorce and extra marital affairs.  As a matter of fact we have long stopped speaking out against most sins in far too many of our Churches. If this country is going to have any chance of turning around the Church must take its rightful place and be on the vanguard of the battle.  

Repentance should start with the pastors. When is the last time you heard any kind of a sermon on repentance? 

If something doesnít change in this country and change quickly then I believe we are finished. That change must be sure and swift.  It will not begin with any election; it will only begin with prayer and true repentance.

If you are a Christian then I pray you will examine your life and take whatever action you need to take, because true repentance starts with individuals, one by one getting right with God. I also have to take inventory daily and am no stranger to repentance. I among many men stand in need of forgiveness daily.  

I am now well into the later part of my life, but I believe before I am called home I will see the heavy hand of judgment fall on this country! As I said I am not an alarmist but I have never been more alarmed for the survival of this country as now. May God have mercy on us all!!!