I Don't Understand

By Linda W.


I donít understand what is happening in our country. With all the news regarding Osama bin Laden, life still goes on in America and itís whatís going on I do not understand. For instance, I do not understand how a so-called Christian Church can not only condone homosexuality but embrace it and even proclaim it.  There is a United Methodist Church in Ohio that is putting billboards up stating that ďBeing Gay is a Gift from GodĒ.  Why? I donít understand!


I donít understand why women will march for the right to murder their own unborn children. How can a mother do this Ė no I do not understand!


I donít understand why the United States is the number one producer and consumer of porn.  Lives are being destroyed by this business.


We are a Christian nation, right? Itís certainly up for debate. If we are Christian why do we do what we do?  I donít understand. I actually agree with Mr. Obama when he said that the United States is not a Christian nation. Although he made that statement to be politically correct, the statement can stand alone, because itís true. We are not a Christian nation!


Because we are not really a Christian nation, I really do understand what is going on. We act like the heathen because for the most part we are heathen.


I can sense it and perhaps many of you do also. There is a strange wind of evil blowing across our nation. It will not be drowned out by the cheers because a monster was killed a few days ago. This is a strong evil wind and itís spreading its poison across this country. Itís a super storm of sin.


What I really donít understand is that most of those who attend church do not understand that judgment is at the front door. I do not know if it is too late to even repent. We have gone so far down into the mire. But I do understand that judgment is coming and it is already at our door. If men wonít lead and get on the firing line then I pray women will. We need to stand against evil at all cost and say with Esther, ďIf I perish I perishĒ Yes praise be to God, I understand that if I perish, I perish. Praise be His Holy name.