I Never Knew


By: Kimberly Lewis


I never knew it would take me this far

My path of short-term bliss leaves me scarred.


Have I learned this time around?

Can I be revived when my spirit has been drowned?


The evil one haunts my dreams.

And my future is hopeless it seems.


Selfish desire has engulfed me in fire

And I’m terrified of its light.

Then I realize I’ve lost my sight.


Not knowing how to save myself

I put the Bible back on the shelf


I sit blind, staring at it all.

Then appears the writing on the wall.


“I AM THAT I AM” Reverberates in my head

The words, like manna, allowed me to be fed.


I am dead, before Him

Lifeless, cold, and dripping with sin.


Blood spilled over me from head to toe.

A holy red I now know


Awakened my eyes began to open

A newness that I could find hope in.


Slowly I arise to my feet

Knees shaking in fear of defeat.


A whisper so loud I felt it in my soul




And the thick black glass around my heart shattered to the floor


A weight that kept me from love

I now have found in God above


Alone I am alone, fighting this losing battle

But, when I am gone and He is in me

The fight has been won and I’ve been set free.