Maybe it is Really Time to Wake Up

By Danny H. from Dallas, TX

Will persecution come to Christians in the United States? Well, I never gave it much thought, but after reading articles like yours maybe it is not so far-fetched, maybe itís not far fetched at all.  This presidential election is quite curial and Christians better get off their duffs and get involved.

I have been an eight to five guy for years. I leave the house at 7:15 am arrive to work at 7:45 am, work hard at a job that I know very well and detest just as much.   I arrive home around 5:45 pm and watch TV for a couple hours while having dinner with my wife.  We have an occasional guest in the evening. I play golf on Saturday and of course Church on Sunday - I have been a very typical of the American male. But articles like yours have shaken me enough to start thinking seriously about reshaping my routine.  I realize that the routine I am in is confining -  it has entrapped me in a mindless never ending cycle.

Did I know persecution was taking place in other parts of the world? I guess, but gave it little thought. There are too many things in my own life that are consuming me, my own little world.   Like, when will we get out from under the never ending house mortgage?  Can I retire before 55?  Will my wife and I be healthy enough to enjoy retirement if we should even live that long? Perhaps most important wondering if the Dallas Cowboys will ever have a winning team again. That is my life.

Now my rose colored glasses are becoming clearer. I believe the Church does need to wake up and see what is happening. Our country is going through a dangerous change and I must change my entire life style! I am not sure where to start, but start I must! I think I will begin by turning off my TV. I may watch it from time to time, but not like I have been.  I will start seeking out alternative news sources and most of all I will rediscover or perhaps I should say discover the art of praying. Praying is something my wife and I have not done in a serious way in a very long time, if ever.

There is no doubt in my mind that it is time to wake up. Up until now I have done nothing. I have truly been asleep at the wheel, but I am awaking. I only hope that many others will also wake up!    

I will pray for those who are trumping out a message that needs to be heard, I will pray that there are those that will hear and then get involved. Perhaps even I can sound an alarm, perhaps this is my first attempt.