Moments of Silent Reaching


By Bonnie


Some rare flowers bloom at midnight
Seen by those who seem to dare
To walk in shadows of the moonlight,
A brief escape from daytime care.


Cyclamin's petals then revealing
Swirls of white pure as a dove,
Shown with beauty so appealing
Evidence of Gods' creative love.


In those moments of silent reaching
As we seek grace from One so kind,
With our needful hearts beseeching
God unfolds treasures we can find.


Within Him are the hidden places,
Like fallen diamonds in the sea.
How He longs to see our faces
Raised to Him with child-like pleas


There's a translucent veil of glory.
A covering upon the nighttime earth,
Enclosing all who trust His story
To become one with daytimes' birth.


Seek and find God's promise always
From His life that always gives
Redeeming grace for all of our days
With hope that through our Lord can live.




Bonnie 2/22/12