More Like Jesus

By T. L.

I noticed that as Jesus stood before Pilate He said very little & remained calm. If we were in the same situation we would be all over the American dream of having our innocence recognized while referring to the Constitution & our inalienable rights. Wed make demands & seek out a defense team in order to make bail. Look at our nature on facebook. When challenged we often scramble for verses & resort to text cropping to fearfully prop up an otherwise weak argument. A competitive spirit is what keeps our particular wind of doctrine blowing. Eph 4:14 is not only about false doctrine but how men handle truth in a false way. Our bitterness is obvious on so many occasions that truth remains in obscurity & is covered over by aggressive debate. When Jesus stood before Herod He said nothing nor did He defend Himself. That spoke volumes then but is anyone listening now? Im amazed how some can speak for hours on what they know little about; are amusing & articulate, while using hyperbole & vain allegory to cajole their audience. I know; physician heal thyself. Usually what remains of expert chatter is that much of what is said wont be remembered tomorrow. The very confusion we create by attempting convince others of what only God can reveal could be eliminated if we didnt let our mouth stay open past closing time & silently left our ears open 24/7.