My Name Is Benny

By Benny


My name is Benny and I am writing you today and donít thank they should do this at all. But They do. I go to this church but I will leave this church in the hotel tomorrow and not go their anymore.  I know I love God and I know God loves me I know God loves all the men and woman and the boys and the girls and the babies in this church the hotel.  I love these people of this hotel church. I am writing this letter to you.  I have had learning problems I know when people look down on me. This is not right I know people should not do this. Mom and daddy donít have enough money but they both work hard to clean the building. I work too at the store.  This old church is not a very big church, I hear sermons in a big pretty room. I thank my doctor goes to the church. He sets on the third row of chirs. Sometimes I wave to him he may not see me I donít know.  The old church is in the hotel building.  The People have pretty clothes.  The room is pretty to. I like looking at the room.  My parents do not like this old church in the hotel at all and tomorrow  I am going to start to go to another church next time. There is a nice man in the new church and helps  me and my parents like him. His name is Bob.  My mom and daddy said they will go to the new church. Bob helps me and I am going to his church he thanks  I will like it. His name is Bob and he told me so much about God I know he loves me. He prays for me and my mom and my daddy and my little sister sissy. He has very clean clothes and he has no hair. He wears overalls and blue shirts all the time. He wers the same thing all the time. He is very clean. My mom and daddy like Bob to. He stops by the store and talks to me and gives me tips sometimes. I like to make money so I can by things to for my little baby sister. Her name is sissy.  She laughs and clips when I by her new things. She like toys.

I know to do good things and not bad things. I try not to do bad things and when I do bad things I ask God to forgive me of bad things. I know that I love God and Christians are to love others. I been in special classes and I donít thank people should look down on other people this is not right. I help a older lady in the hotel church and she loves me because she told me she did.  but most do not love me they donít even  know me. I wish that lady would go to the new church with me. The new church is not as pretty as the hotel church. I know the name of the hotel church but my daddy said I should not tell the name of the hotel church.  Sometime they say hi to me but not much.   I love the people in this hotel church but I will go to a   new church tomorrow that people donít make fun and look down on me.  I am writing you this on my computer and I can use my computer really good. Bob will be in the new church.  I still love these people in the hotel  church  and I hope people pray for them. Some of the kids make fun of me and I donít not like this at all.  I thank people need to love other people even if they are not as smart as them. I love people.  I will miss the lady at the old church she is very old. She walks with her walker it has tennis  light green tennis balls on it and  she sit with me every Sunday. We set together in the soft chairs and the short row..  We set on the same row. I love everybody I hope people will love me in the new church and I know they will, This will make me so happy.

Will everybody pray for the people in the hotel church so they will find love and so they can build there big church.  They need  to  find real love they need to love all people.   This is why I am writing you so the people will learn to love at the old church. I want you to pray for the people in this old church where we met in the big room. The room is in a hotel they are getting a lot of money to buy a new church building a few miles away from the hotel. I have give money to help them. But please pray for them.  If the people donít thank no one loves them how can they love others.

 Bob will help me make a  bunch of friends in the new church. I will pray for the people

 in the hotel church and I will find where the nice lady lives and talk to her. She lives somewhere near the store because I have seen her in the store.  Is it  bad if  I ask her to come with me to the new church! I think her name is Mrs Henery or something like that name. She said she goes to church because it is close to her place. She will not be close when they finish building the big church building.  I will ask her to go with me to the new church that I will be going to if God wants me to do that. I told her I might leave and she look very vary vary  sorry and sad. It hurts me when people look down on me But I will love them anyway because Jesus said to loves people when they are not nice to you. There are bad people in the world and they do mean things. I see bad news on TV. Daddy and mom donít watch much TV and they donít like me to watch much TV. People should turn to God and  I have wrote you on my computer. I donít spell words wrong I spelll all the words rite. My daddy reads  you and I told him I would write you. And he said that would be ok with him. He said to send this to you  it tonight and I said I would send it tonight.  Thank you. And pray that people in the hotel church will love everybody even if they are not as smart as you. I wont everybody to pray for the people in the hotel church and pray they will love others and pray they will get the church building finished so they can go there.


My name is Benny and I am 20 years old. I wrote this story on my own computer.