Not This Year

By Frank



For years I have been very aware of the “paganess “ of Christmas.  Although because of pressure of family and friends I would celebrate this every year after year and each year wishing I hadn’t.  But it was something I felt I had to do. Yes, Christmas is pagan and I know it,  but I was able to put all that aside, because as hard as it was to keep Christ in Christmas, (although He was never really there in the first place) the thought was good. However, the longer I see the madness, that is the insanity of the spending, the Black Friday frenzy , the sure craziness of this “holiday season” the more I want to go to a cabin, see no one, and just  pray and fast.  I have had it with the hoopla, the parties, the before sales, the after sales, the store decorations, the business, traffic, pushing and shoving, and so on and so forth.

No not this year, I am going to withdraw, although not completely. I may work in a homeless shelter or two. Monies I may have in spent in previous years on guilt buying, I will give to missions, a local church, or someone really in need.   I will not get caught up in the madness.

Jesus never commanded us to celebrate His birth, only His death. Why must society do everything wrong.  Go ahead and continue the celebrations, go ahead and do your own thing, but make sure the thing you are doing is the right thing.

Jesus probably was born in September or at the latest October. Most scholars will bare that out but again we are not told anywhere to celebrate His birth, this came from the Catholic Church.

No, I won’t be there at your parties or your celebrations and I hope whatever you do may bring glory to God in the highest and I do pray for peace but that peace will not come unless we really know the Lord as the Lord.

Just for the record, I wish no one ill for honoring our Lord’s birth, I did it for years, but while you do please honor Him by your life you live not how many presents you give.

 For those of you who are unaware of this false holiday I have downloaded an article from a website entitled “True”. This is only one of thousands of studies but it’s good for a starter. It doesn’t  go into that much detail, but it is a good read.

Since I have adopted “a not this year” theology, I know I will enjoy this season more than any other!

Blessings to you,





Is Christmas a Pagan Festival?

Giving people something that they need is a good godly way to show love and help others. However, the giving season could be so much better with much more joy. Solving and avoiding the below problems will mean everyone will have a much happier time.
Man's system is about giving, but it is about giving in the wrong way. It is about using the festive season to seek profit and gifts in return. It is about pride or showing others that you are better by being able to afford expensive gifts. It is about giving unnecessary expensive things that people often do not want.
Christmas actually started as a pagan festival. Nobody knows what day or month Christ was born. People claim that Christmas has now been turned into a Christian festival but the problem is that it is mainly not Christian. In fact, many of the things involved with Christmas are pagan or Satanic. Many people see Santa as a God. He is certainly distracting people from the real God. In the Bible other gods were condemned. There are many good gifts, but there are also many that are not useful and take over people's lives. The believers in God in the Bible certainly did not go to the people with pagan gods, and turn their festival into a partly Christian festival while allowing pagan activities to continue. Pagan activities were totally removed from the living or worshiping presence of the believers. In the Old Testament are many examples of where God was angry if they did not totally remove the pagan idols.
Christmas and Easter have to a great extent lost their true meanings and are largely about buying unnecessary products from multinationals. This is giving multinationals more profit and power and causing financial misery for poor people. The commercialization of Christmas and Easter and the buying of Easter eggs and gifts which people don't need etc. are a way for the world system to focus people away from what they should be using their money and time for.
As indicated by the following reference the pagan roots of Christians stem from Mother and Child worship that begin in Babylon. They believed that the Goddess derived her godhead and glory from the son. The system of worship was passed down through later civilizations. The names of their gods were changed. The cults established holy days. On the Winter Solstice the birth was celebrated for the son of Isis the Egyptian Queen of Heaven.