About three years ago, the Lord had me telling people that America was about to be destroyed. I did not know when it would happen, but I knew it would be soon. Today, this message is super urgent. It is possible that the current president is the final antichrist, and America, as we know it, will most likely be destroyed this year. Most people reading this post are probably familiar with the many end-time events unfolding. By “end-time”, I mean the end of human/satan dominated times. The end of this age is truly upon us, which means that we will be meeting our Savior soon, when He returns. There will NOT be a “rapture” to rescue us from the final tribulations and persecutions. All of us will be here until the very end. Actually, most of us will be killed, but some will remain, as Paul said. But, there may be a fake rapture, so stay wary if a lot of people “disappear.” I believe the fake rapture mixed with an “alien” invasion is the bulk of what Paul warned about in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2= the strong delusion, the great deception. The aliens are demons or Nephilim. As a Watchman (Ezekiel 33, etc.), I use many sources to draw information from. In the “secular” graphic novel series from 1986-87 called Watchmen (but not the 2009 movie) by Alan Moore et al, a fake alien invasion is staged to unite the world and avoid World War 3. I mention this only because it combines the term “Watchman” with the biggest end-time deception that satan has been preparing humanity for. The big idea is that aliens created us and they are returning to save us from destruction, or some such nonsense. The “falling away”, or apostasy, of these last days includes the current American churchianity (I speak of things in America because I am a Watchman in America) that stays connected to the Babylonian Roman Catholic Vatican. Sunday-worship, Christmas, Easter, and other pagan abominations keep American “Christians” linked to the Beast system. I will post again soon.