Remembering Mothers On Their Day

By Ron

When we think of Mother's Day we picture happen women surrounded by loving children of various ages, bringing gifts and hugs to her on her "special day". Our churches have traditionally celebrated Mother's Day as well with flowers and recognition to the oldest mother, the youngest mother, and the mother of the most children. Most of us have found memories of our own mothers although we realize that they were not perfect. We live in a time where we need all the days of joy and celebration we can make.

As we Christians give thanks for our own mother, grandmother, and those who have been like a mother to us, we need to also remember in prayer some of the other mothers in the world. Those who long to be a mother but have never conceived. Those who have lost a child who will not be there with a hug and card. Expectant mothers filled with joy as they wait and wonder what motherhood will bring. New mothers who are finding how many responsibilities there are to be mothers. Some are stressed and exhausted as they struggle to balance work and motherhood, especially those who are single parents and are trying to keep their family together in the face of poverty.
There are those mothers with special needs children who face extra problems. Some are caring for the children of others. Some have children who have left home and leave a great emptiness behind them. There are those who have children they do not want and millions of others who regret their decision to get rid of their problem through abortion. We remember those mothers around the world who will not celebrate on Mother's Day because they are holding children in their arms who are dying from hunger, thirst, or disease.


While motherhood is a gift from God, it is also a challenge with great responsibility. As we pray for mothers, we pray that they know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and that they will raise their children to know right from wrong, and to know the Lord as well. Motherhood should not be faced without faith and divine guidance. It is not a one-day-a-year job.