Science and the Bible

I have a degree in Physics and Mathematics.   As a younger man I was troubled by the seeming contradiction between my faith in Christ and what I was being taught in some "science" classes.  I began a quest to find the truth.  There is a vast body of evidence that points to the scientific integrity of scripture.  I have shared this information in schools, conventions, seminars and churches for many years and now share some "highlights" via these e-mails. Because we are people of Faith does not mean we leave our brains outside the church door.  We investigate, we study and, yes, we believe!  Those who trust in the evolutionary paradigm also must believe because it is NOT based in Science but on a philosophical viewpoint!  In this series we will see some hard, cold, empirical evidence  which supports our Faith.  Should you like this presented to your group in person, just contact me via reply email.  I personally answer each email.


In the Scientific Method we do four things…

1)    1. Make observations (Microscope, telescope, instrumentation of some sort)

     2.  Make measurements and experiment to discover properties.

     3. Repeat claimed results by other scientists (same things under same conditions)

     4. Claim may be "falsified" (Accept reality should expected results never happen again)

"With regard to Evolution, the rigors of the Scientific Method has been circumvented and ignored."

1)      Has evolution ever been observed?  By anyone? Any generation or civilization?  Answer… NO!

2)      Has anyone anywhere made measurements or successful experimentation on evolution?  Answer… NO!

3)      Has anyone been able to repeat evolution? (One species turn into another?)


4)      In spite of the evidence to the contrary, has evolution been declared, "Falsified" by the avowed evolutionist?


When "science" begins to become a philosophy, it ceases to adhere to sound scientific scrutiny and this is what has been done in the efforts to explain "beginnings" and the origin of human life.  Evolution is not a science but a philosophy!

 "Science" cannot explain ultimate origins.  They must begin with something already in existence.  They call it a "singularity" leading to a "big bang."  There is no explanation apart from God. NONE!

The fossil record declares loudly that evolution never happened!  There are NO fossils of a reptile turning into a bird…or a bird into a mammal.  NONE!

 We, who have believed in the biblical account of creation, have nothing for which to apologize!

Part 2  

"Science" and the Bible ...

There are only two possibilities:

 Creation or Evolution. Only one can be correct…

 1.  Either evolution is correct or  2.  Direct creation occurred

 They are mutually exclusive!  Both cannot be correct!


What is Evolution?  It is a belief  that the universe evolved by natural processes into its present state with all of its life forms.

 What is Creation?  It is a belief   that there was a direct creation, when the cosmos and basic living kinds were created.

 Science attempts to answer “origins” by the evidence left behind.  Based on the evidence, which belief is supported?  Stay tuned as we develop the answers in this multi part series.

We shall see that it requires more faith to believe evolution than to believe in a Creator

Meet Scientist #1

Michael Denton, M.D., Ph.D. (A Medical Doctor, A Molecular Biologist, A Researcher, AProfessing atheist)  He says in his book  “Evolution: A Theory in Crisis” p. 358.

 “Ultimately the Darwinian theory of evolution is no more nor less than the great cosmogenic MYTH of the 20th century,”



Dr. Robert Martin Senior Research Fellow, Zoological Society of London in “Man is not an Onion” New Scientist Magazine... 

 "In recent years several authors have written books on human origins which were based (more) on fantasy and subjectivity than on fact and objectivity."



Professor Louis Bounoure  Director of Research, French National Center of Scientific Research in  The Advocate, March 8 1984,  p. 17

 “Evolutionism is a fairy tale for grown-ups.  This theory … is useless.”


R. L. Wysong “The Creation/Evolution Controversy”  pp. 40-41, Inquiry Press

"Evolution is not a formulation of the true “Scientific Method.” They (evolutionary adherants) realize evolution means the initial formation…

Unknown organisms from

Unknown chemicals of

Unknown composition under

Unknown conditions, and then climbed an

Unknown evolutionary ladder by an

Unknown process leaving

Unknown evidence.

 This is just a sampling of the thousands of scientists, Christian and non-christian alike who refute the claims of Evolution.

It takes MORE FAITH to believe that everything came from nothing than to believe "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

 Next... The fossil Record!

Science and the Bible Part 3 dealing with the cold, hard evidence of the Fossil Record.

What many eminent scientists say about evolution...

*Dr. Michael Denton. Myth!

*Dr. Robert Martin … Fantasy!

*Professor Louis Bounoure … Fairy tale!

*R. L. Wysong … Unknown!

*Loren Eiseley, PhD … Mythology!

Charles Darwin (the man who popularized the theory of evolution.) wrote the famous book “Origin of the Species” In it he said that the “geological record” should show “the finest graduated steps” to prove his proposition true

 So … according to Darwin himself, the evolutionistic view rises and falls on the fossil record



Q – What is a fossil?                                                            A -  A fossil is the remains of a living organism that have been preserved over time.


 There are an estimated  250 million fossils catalogued in museums …


So …

1.  If creation be true…

there should be clear distinctions with no gradual changes from one kind to another


2.  If evolution be true

there should be millions of fossils

that show changes from

one kind of organism to another


These “gradual changes” are called

transitional or intermediate forms

So in the fossil record a fish should gradually change into a reptile

which should gradually change into

a bird

 which should gradually change into

a mammal

which should gradually change into

to a primate

and over time become

a man (Homo sapiens sapiens)


Unbiased men of science who have examined the records make conclusions recorded here...


Sir Ernst B. Chain,
Nobel Laureate (Medicine, 1945)                                                       

 “… (evolution) is a hypothesis based on no evidence and irreconcilable with the facts...


Michael Denton, M.D., PhD                                           “The absence of transitional forms from the fossil record is dramatically obvious...”


S.M. Stanley
Department of Planetary Sciences, Johns Hopkins University in “The New Evolutionary Timetable”

 “The fossil record is not, and never has been in accord with gradualism... of gradual transitions from one kind to another...”


 Jean Rostand
quoted in J. Garrido: "Evolution and Molecular Biology," Creation Research Society Quarterly, 10 (1973): 168.

                           "The theory of evolution... presents only fallacious solutions ……we have searched for one century...”


Professor Sir Edmund Leach                                       speaking before the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

 "Missing links in the sequence of fossil evidence were a worry to Darwin. He felt sure that they would eventually turn up... but they are still missing and seem likely to remain so...the evidence that is plain for all to see."

The truth, based on cold, hard, empirical evidence declares the reality of creation, which leads to a CREATOR!  End of case?  No!

Love ya all,

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(Roy Olsen has a degree in science and mathematics and has researched this field for over 40 years.  His library includes many volumes written by eminent scholars on the subject of Science and Creation. He has spoken at seminars, schools, conventions and churches at home and abroad.  He uses the powerful communications tool of PowerPoint to present the evidence and proofs supporting the Biblical account of Creation.  If you are interested in him coming to your group, please request more information by return e-mail)


NOW! This is Theological Integrity!
Acts 17
11Now the Bereans were of more
noble character
than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and
examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.
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