Some thoughts from Dirt,


I have never written you before and I doubt I ever will again. I am new at all this Ė believing in God and being a Christian.  Maybe I am not a Christian but I am seeking God. I do agree with a few things you write about, but not that many things, but you write fairly well so I continue to read your stuff.


I live around a lot of so-called Christians. They go to Church. Many of them have a little fish on the bumpers of their cars. They often talk about their church and a few of them even talk about God. Most just wave and engage in small talk, usually the weather or sports.


But I see them. I have seen them for years. I watch them poison their bodies with junk food. I watch them poison this earth which I now believe that God probably did create. They suck up all kinds of poisons in their bodies then pour all kind of poisons into this wonderful earth.

They buy expensive cars and wear expensive clothes. They are always on the go. They are in such a rush. They fill their lives with more and more things. They have their parties, although no one gets drunk, hell they donít drink but they sure can or eat a lot!!!


I drive through the country side I see more and more gas wells. I watch waste from factories and chemical plants spilling their toxins into a God-created earth. Large farms with their strong fertilizers destroy anything living in the earth. Many do this in their back yard gardens.  


I read in the Bible that our bodies belong to God or were temples of God and the Holy Spirit. So why do many pollute their bodies? I think I read we were to maintain this earth and be good stewards of it.


I am very disturbed by what I see coming out of the Christian community. My friends, the ones who do not claim to know God know how to take care of their bodies and how to take care of this wonderful planet we call earth. I can almost hear the earth screaming-ďStop I canít take it anymore, stop poisoning me. Please stop!Ē


May I make a suggestion to many Christians that I see everyday?  Slow down! Take time to be quiet. Take care of the bodies God gave you. Too many of you are in too big of a hurry you missed the very God you preach and talk about.


There is something strange going on in this world. I feel it. It is not good.  I believe those who do not believe in God soon will, and that may include some church people. I have a long way to go in this new life, but I may be ahead of many who have been on this road all their lives.


Just to close things out. I wonder how many hours the so called Christian watches TV? I do not own one.

I donít know if you will even put this on your site but maybe you will.




Phil Dirt   (Not my real name)