The Breath of God


By Bonnie


Have you ever stirred the ashes
In your now dark fireplace?
All the beauty and warmth gone
Like a life lived without grace.


Keep stirring and carefully look
Some hidden coals might remain,
For even the tiniest coal
Can thrive when new life is gained.


The breath of God, gently blowing
Will bring increase to fire's light.
When love fuels the smallest flames
They become a beautiful sight.


Stir that place that was without Life
Receive all that God has to give.
Christ in you is the fire's true source
For the best life that can be lived.


Then when next you see the stirring
Breathe again the Source of Truth
Share with others Love's refreshing
Then they can live what's been renewed.


An eternal wind is blowing
Stirring flames from ashes rise,
As the waves in vibrant oceans
Flow to earth and greet the skies.



 Bonnie Rosser 5/12/12