The Entanglement


By Bonnie



My husband and I have a hydroponic garden.  We had harvested a large kale plant and I was trying to untangle the roots from the gravel.  I didn't expect the roots to have spread so much, although I should have since the plant was so large.  When I lifted the roots out of the container, the mass looked like a piece of carpet.  It was about 4 inches wide and 8 inches long.
We use gravel as the medium to support the root system while the nutrient solution washes over them. The gravel was completely obscured by the thick mass of roots that engulfed it.  I began at one end and one piece at a time, I pushed the pieces of gravel out so we could reuse them. While I was holding this wet, tangled (and a bit slimey) thing, I knew that this chore was going to take some time to complete.


A few minutes later I began hearing the Lord speak in my Spirit, so I gave Him my attention while my hands kept doing their repetitive job of separating the gravel from the roots.  This is what I heard-


"Whatever it is we deeply believe, the roots of our belief become tightly wound around that belief. Whether or not the object is truth, the entanglement is just as deep.  If someone is deceived, to them the deception becomes their absolute truth."
I could relate to what I was hearing, because during my path to Truth, and in some instances I've had since knowing Truth, I  have been led away from the path of the One I was to follow.


The next thing I heard the Lord say was really important to know, and to which I could also testify as being part of my journey.  This is what I heard- "if a person's root system is entangled around something that is not of Me, I am the only One who can set him free.  No man can do this because if you speak against the deception, the roots of wrong thinking will take a greater hold onto it. 


It is only by revelation that a person in this situation can be set free. If you know such a person, the best you can do for him is to love him unconditionally and to pray for him.  Then in My time I can gently reach in to begin the untangling process. During this time, your role in his life becomes more important.  When the person receives the truth and turns back to Me, he will need open arms, a gentle acceptance, friendship, and unconditional love.  Then his roots can wrap around Me, who is Truth."


As I was releasing the last pieces of gravel from the roots, I understood the release from deception and the gratitude the deceived person would experience when finally set free.
My heart was raised to the Lord with extreme gratitude for all He had brought me through in the past, and confidence that I could trust Him with my future.


Bonnie Rosser  4/20012