Warning Or Judgment

By Ron 


Prophetically, we cannot be sure yet whether America is in a period where God is still warning us to repent and turn to Him, of if we have crossed the line and are
starting into a time of judgment.
One thing is certain. God is being completely left out on the national level!
So far this year, America has endured record breaking freezing weather and snowfall. Thousands of acres have been flooded. Thousands of other acres have been burned.
All past records have been broken by the number and intensity of tornadoes. All summer some areas of the country have suffered from extensive heat and drought. This
week, the east coast experienced a rare earthquake and faced the possibility of the worst hurricane damage in any ones memory. I regularly follow several news sources.
During all of this, I only know of one Governor, of all government officials at any level, who called for prayer. Instead of support, then media basically made fun of
him and ridiculed him for possibly "offending" some people.
Sixty years ago that would not have been the case! God has been removed from all levels of government - including our schools. Oh, we still have "prayer" in congress
and at inaugurations. But they have to be so general that anyone could pray them to any god. Kids have been expelled for praying before or after school, at lunch time,
or even for a sick teacher.
Undoubtedly there have been ministers who have prayed before their congregations, and encouraged their members to pray, about the weather much of the country has
experienced this year. Imagine the reaction if many of them had prayed in public on street corners when a national day of prayer in private places has even been
We cannot even imagine what the worst case scenario could have been for the east coast as Irene moved up it. God could have destroyed thousands of acres of buildings
and thousands of lives could have been lost. Recovery could have taken months.
I have carefully listened to speeches by elected officials at local and state levels as well as FEMA personnel and heads of law enforcement agencies on various news
sources. I have not heard one mention thankfulness to God that the storm was not as bad as it possibly could have been. Not one!
I have heard individuals praised for their insight; the weather forecasters praised along with their models, radar, and projections; The governments and officials have
been praised for their direction, preparedness, and evacuation orders; and the media has been praised for their coverage with one person on one network even claiming
to have saved lives because of their many reporters and extended coverage of the storm. But not ONE who mentioned thankfulness to God.
Of course, I am glad that we have weather forecasting and broadcasting capabilities that we did not have sixty and seventy years ago. However, God must be grieved that
our blessed nation fails to even mention Him anymore unless it is in swearing.