Will You Birth TERUAH?


     TERUAH is Hebrew for the great, shout (the faithful shout) that brought down Jericho's walls;

and from the Hebrew New Testament for the shout (the faithful shout), accompanied by

 the sound of a trumpet, heralding our Savior's Second Coming!


    James Strong (in the Hebrew Dictionary with Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible)

 translates TERUAH as "a clamor, i.e., an acclamation of joy or a battle-cry; especially

 a clangor of trumpets, as an alarum... jubilee."


    TERUAH is a confident, joyous battle-cry sounded before battle unto a God-ordained victory!


    Some years ago, God told me to diligently study His Bible battles, and prepare Battle Cards.

 Why?  Because His battles are prototypes for the Church! It turns out there were 70 victorious

 biblical battles;  they're not only literal, but also prototypical, and in their biblical order,

 not only consecutive, but also progressive! - Prototypes of, and progressive unto,

 Victorious Spiritual Warfare!


    The Bible chapters wherein are these 70 battle stories can be called Spiritual Warfare Chapters,

 and the lessons to be learned therefrom Spiritual Warfare Lessons.


    There are at least 40 progressive lessons to be learned from these 70 battles, from these

 Spiritual Warfare Chapters. If you were to appropriate one lesson a week, in its order (with its

 battle principles supported by KEY VS.S), 40 weeks later you would have taken to heart and be

 able to act on at least 40 progressive Spiritual Warfare Lessons from the mouth of God himself!


    Do you remember the Battle of Jericho?  Songs have memorialized the shout (TERUAH)

that felled Jericho's walls - see Battle #9 of the Battle Card set YAHWEH'S BATTLES (1-70.

Yes, the Spiritual Warfare Chapter with its victorious strategy is Joshua Chapter 6.

But first please note the last 3 vs.s of Chapter 5, then the first 5 vs.s of Chapter 6:


 After crossing Jordan, circumcising the Israelites, and eating Passover with them, Josh. 3:14 -5:12

 Joshua looked toward Jericho (possibly sizing up the situation), and he saw a man standing

 with his sword drawn.  So he went to him and asked, "Are you for us or for our adversaries?"

 The man answered, "I've come now as Captain of YAHWEH's Host!"  Then Joshua

 asked his Captain's counsel, and was told to worship Him, which he did. Josh. 5: 13-15

 And while Joshua worshipped, YAHWEH counselled him how to win against Jericho! Josh. 6: 1-5


 And also YAHWEH God would counsel you, how to win everyone of your spiritual battles!


    Every week for 40 weeks - a gestation period, if you will, conception to birth of TERUAH -

 learn progressively 40 Spiritual Warfare Lessons from YAHWEH's Own 70 Battle Victories!


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                       70 Bible Battle Victories from their Spiritual Warfare Chapters -

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                                                                    Joan Bellomo