You Call Yourself A Watchman


By B.W.S.



You call yourself a watchman, but do you watch or are you a blind watchman, or worse, are you a watchman with acute vision but a silent trumpet?

We are living prior to a judgment from the Most High.  Many people in the United States are too busy to see what is happening, and what is sadder is that many people in the mainline church are equally too busy to see what is happening, while you and other watchman who do at least see in part, remain silent. Repentance is seldom preached anymore in most of our churches. Most of the churches are doing just that - playing church.  Do they as a whole warn of what is about to happen?  They do not warn of what is really taking place in the news, they do not warn because too many of them are deaf and blind as to what is happening.  You call yourself a watchman, but are you warning on a continuous basis?  A watchman warns in season and out of season, not just when he feels like it. We all get tired and we all get busy but a calling is a calling Ė there is no getting around that my brother.

You know the weather is a factor, you know an (electric magnetic pulse) EMP attack is a factor, you know Islam is a factor, you know a false super religious system is being constructed, and you know the economic situation is also a factor!  You have warned of these, but not a continuous basis. You know better than I that Obama will destroy this country.

I too am a watchman and I have fallen several times from living up to that call, but when I fall I get back up and do what I know I must do - you my friend are no exception.

Our country and the world are heading for a judgment that is unspeakable, but it still must be warned using the best vocabulary we are given. Itís more than the economy as you very well know. You have had a glimpse, if not clear vision of what is on the horizon, and you have chosen to keep that information to yourself.

A silent trumpet is a deadly trumpet, what kind of trumpet are you holding Bro. Jack? There is no doubt God has called you as a watchman, the only doubt is, are you doing what He has called you to do? It is not popular to be a watchman, I know that very well, but I hope you and I are not trying to win a popularity contest. No, I donít think you or I are doing that. I know I want and I doubt you ever will! 

You know what I believe you have done? You, like the church have become too busy! You are doing a lot of new things and many if not all are good. But where are your priorities? I hope you are not too busy when the Lord comes back to welcome His return. I hope you donít get too busy to hear! I hope you will have the courage to post this and for some reason I think you will. Why? Because you are still a watchman Ė I hope you blow His trumpet!

You are a watchman, so find your trumpet and blow it with all you have, you really do not have a choice.

God bless you!

B.W. S.